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In 1957, S & S Amusements was founded in Northeastern Pennsylvania through a partnership formed by Stephen Swika, Sr. and Stephen Swika, Jr.  The family business started as a game concession operation, but upon graduating high school, Steve, Jr. approached Pop about forming a partnership in an amusement ride.  Pop accepted, thus began the building of Pennsylvania's premier amusement company.
The family is very devoted to their way of life, working constantly, including the "off-season", toward the improvement of their company as well as the amusement industry as a whole.
The average "off-season", a few months where there are no scheduled events, is spent maintaining equipment, attending safety seminars, expositions and industry trade shows to stay informed on the newest equipment and safety issues.   Steve is an active member of the Pennsylvania State Showmen's Association  and the Outdoor Amusement Business Association as well as being a Pennsylvania State Ride Inspector (Class 1 & 2) and licensed by the National Amusement Association Ride Safety Officials (Class 1 & 2).
Steve is highly respected as a businessman and innovator.  As a young man he was one of the first to trailer mount most of the rides and assisted some ride manufacturers in doing the same.  He has always been very concerned with rider safety and therefore exhibiting safe, quality equipment has always been a top priority.
Over the years, Steve's work ethic has preceded him and he has been recognized for it.  Involved in writing the Pennsylvania's Ride Safety Act #81, he was subsequently invited to witness the signing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  In 1998, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture, Sam Hayes, recognized Steve with an award for his emphasis on safety.  Throughout S & S Amusements' history, the Swika family philosophy of a strong work ethic and commitment to improvement has kept their company growing since 1957 with no end in sight!